RS QUATTRO is proud to present the latest versions of our RSQ1 wheels. As you know the RSQ1 wheels were first released roughly 3 years ago with three piece standard versions. One year later we released the “SL” versions with roughly 20% less weight and totally unique design details. We then decided early 2013 to develop the one piece versions of both models (RSQ1.1 and RSQ1.1 SL) to offer a solution for the more constrained budgets.

Today, we release on the market what we believe is the best choice money can buy. The now available 2 pieces versions of our RSQ1 wheels, called “RSQ1 MV2” and “RSQ1 SL MV2”, offer perfect combination of top class design, flexibility in width, diameter, offsets and concavity and all that at competitive prices (similar to one piece versions). They come standard with visible hardware, but hidden hardware is possible at no additional cost.

The 2 pieces RSQ1 wheels provide an entirely new look combining 3 piece versatility with 1 piece performance & ride quality. We can have them made in diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches, widths ranging from 7.5 to 13 inches, any offsets, OEM bolt pattern, and center hub exact match avoiding the need for center rings. Standard finishes include: brushed with clear coat, gloss or matt black, silver, matt or gloss gunmetal. Custom finishes are additional but remember that almost anything can be done.

Display wheels are visible during the SEMA Show event in Las Vegas (Nov 5-Nov 8th) at “The Cosmopolitan” hotel together with ADV1 wheels display. Call or email us if you would like to get directions to see them in real flesh or simply if you would like to receive a quotation.

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